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Good idea but

Needs gallery support plus full screen size recordings not just the square. Love everything else tho.

Last comments dumb

It does have photo mode....

This app is great

Totally love this app. Esp the random filter button. Wish list items: 1. Have the random button available in landscape mode 2. Be able to save random settings Very fun app Great work

Great app

I’m enjoying this app very much....Truly great photo effects that you will not find elsewhere.

Vast improvement since updated

Love the filters and I’m happy to see the added functionality to take snapshots and the UI scaling fixed.

Could be great

The filters are pretty amazing and everything else is great. I just wish I could import and edit photos. I barely ever take videos on my iPhone so the video import feature isn’t very useful to me.

It’s alright.

Needs photo support and please make it a universal app.

Excellent Hallucinating Visions!

This app is absolutely awesome! Lots of options that give you endless ways to make any photos or videos you make appear with a realistic hallucinating image. Fractals, mirrors, and dripping colours that blend and melt into each other in a multitude of ways. I’m no photographer by any means, but with this app I can easily make any image look as trippy as any flashback vision or 60’s Fillmore poster. Very cool and very fun. Awesome!

Crashes when saving/sharing

Love this app but it isn’t consistent when saving/sharing. All tweaks are lost when crashing during some save/shares. Bummer!

Love it!

As far as the app go’s A+ experience so far! I’m don’t do reviews often but I’d seen it only has one, from two years ago. The picture taking issues have been resolved. So it’s good to go on both video and photos! Also, I work for Apple. I’d seen clips crash REGULARLY when it first came out and it does less (computing wise) than this does, so after reading the first review I was presently surprised that it functions so well! Really enjoying this app. Thanks team!

Ant trap,bug filled

Can’t even complete a video without it crashing. Nice concept though.

This was listed in the top selection

Bought it cause APPLE said it was great. This all is garbage. The resolutions for imagines is all over the place and it just looks cheesy.

Apples 1st Legit VideoSynth App,BPMC&TACHYONS+ might even approve

5 stars for what it can do, the stuff it cant do yet I’m sure the devs are werk’n hard to fix any problems and improve on what’s already hella dope. I have a pretty intricate VJ setup w/old and new gear, circuit bent items etc. and I was able to go to incorporate this quite easily and seamlessly. Keep up the good work !!!

Great features if the app worked

I’ve have attempted to use this app on 3 different iPhones, all with 50g of available space and this app still crashes before I can save a video I edited. The features and quick editing you can do it’s amazing but it literally cannot save into your photos.

Almost perfect

Why compress videos and ruin their quality whyyyy ☹️. Great effects great interface super clean and user-friendly but don’t crush the videos!! Would not have purchased had I know the app does this. Hopefully future updates will improve on this so I can give you that 5th star.


App crashes when you try to save. Doesn’t have access to your photos. App hasn’t been updated in months, developers aren’t paying attention to it. Waste of money :(


Fraud! Not working with photos, only with videos!

2 stars for effort

This app does handle video and photo. Seems just photos. However, there are other apps that do both. This is over priced. Also attempting to contact support is a fail.

Why can’t I use it on still photos?

Why videos only? I don’t like or take videos. So I can’t use the app!

Great and Creative

I have no idea why there are such crappy reviews for this app. It does everything it claims and can be a tool for inspiration in filmmaking. I love the active preview and the adjustments based on x and y axis. I rarely write reviews but this one deserves more stars. If you’re an indie filmmaker, I highly recommend this for an idea tool.


You guys have to something about battery over use. After a 10min. of use I couldn’t keep my phone in hands...it was burrning. iPhone 6s user.

Cool but no photo use

I bought this solely because I’m a photographer and now I can’t use it. I can’t import existing images either, only videos, which is more than frustrating. It’s still a very cool app but add photo capabilities or change the description.

Great but has some issues

I give it 4 stars because this is the best video and picture editing app I’ve ever used (exception of Final Cut Pro) it works great for 1080p 60fps but crashes whenever I attempt to edit 4K(this is not my phones issue as it is a iPhone 8 Plus.)

Total Rip Off

It does not access my photos. This is worthless to me. How do I get my money back? It’s not much, but it’s the principle. This app does not work from the very beginning. 2/7/18: Do not buy this app. The developers take your money and run. They do not support their product. They just ignore you. Apple does not seem to care they did a feature on a group of people like this. 2/9/18: They are still refusing to respond to ripping people off with their defective design. And Apple will not respond to giving a defective app a special highlight.

The Best

How does this cost $1?!?! I would pay $20 for all of the features this has. Seriously if I was compositing the same effects on a different program it would take hours to make and change effect in the time that it takes to turn one fader. Seriously the absolute best video FX I have ever used on an app.

Missing features

I would love a true custom editor, because the ability to edit existing filters does not include all the available effects. Give, idk, three custom slots right at the end of the filters list, but before wildcard. Then pop into a list of all the available effect switches / sliders in the app, let us choose a few (you can set a max of 6 or something if too many effects make things hard) then save those choices to the custom filter and allow us to edit the sliders/switches same as any other filter. Or just give us some way to save the filters that wildcard lands on.

Can’t use your photos

Just purchased and turns out you can’t use your previously-taken photos. You have to take them with the app, and apply the filter live. Seems like this is a major oversight and it’s probably the main reason why anyone would want to buy this app.

Great app.

I enjoy this app, especially the ink setting. But i was wondering why it’s not showing up in family sharing? Thanks.


I agree with the other review(s) staying that the ad for this app is misleading in that you cannot access existing photos on your phone. Dumb. The effects the app can do look fantastic, but I bought the app with the initial intent of applying those effects to some of my existing photos.

Not happy

Don’t understand why it only allows my videos in my camera roll to show up, but even when I click on a video I want to edit it doesn’t even show the video.

No photos??

Why can I only get to videos in my photo library? This app is too buggy.

The best video app I’ve ever come across but could use a little more evolution

Every time I try to save a video the app crashes and closes. Also it would be nice to be able to combine effects and put the effects we want up show at the time interval we desire. Other than that, this app is a step into the future. It’s very creative and innovative which I genuinely appreciate.

Does not access my phone camera

and....i don’t know what else i should do on this app

Can’t save

The video won’t save you can’t upload it to Instagram so basically you can’t do anything with the app love the effects. Waste of money unless this issue is fixed.

This is a pretty cool app

I would say this app is pretty trendy, something that will blow over soon but is cool for the now. Perhaps it could go longer if you add new filters and perhaps make a VR compatibility. By that I mean have it be able to split the image into a binocular format so those virtual goggles for phones could use it, then it could be like a game to try to get from one side of the room to the other in the weird distorted reality. Just a thought cheers

No volume snap control?

Impossible to hold my phone and tap the screen to snap a photo in a lot of angles. Make it to where the volume controls can also snap the photos like pretty much every app does

Claims photos

No photo import. Very misleading

Just doesn’t work

Really a bummer. Hate to be negative but the app just doesn’t work. Rendering is fast and gorgeous but save and share (the whole point) doesn’t work at all.

No photo import

It allows photos to be taken, but they can’t be imported. I guess the last update had a fix for this, but it didn’t work? I’m on ios11’s current update on an iPhone 6 Plus.

I need a refund

The app is slow I can’t take no picture I can’t record no video and I can’t upload any pics

Barely alpha quality

App cannot distinguish videos from photos. Unable to select from camera roll. A waste of time and money at this time.

Good ideas, needs more updates

Cool app, but landscape mode doesn’t work, and neither does copying / posting to Instagram (keeps saying error: try again later). Hope they fix these issues.

I love this thing!

This app doesn’t have any what you might call PRACTICAL applications (well, maybe music videos) but it’s a lot of fun. Some of the effects are stomach-churningly disorienting, others are pleasantly psychedelic. Some are flat-out scary, and all appear to be tweakable in terms of intensity. The current version does both photos and videos.

Cannot Work With Photos

While I love being able to give new life to video content, this doesn’t allow me to do the same with my photos unless I take photos with the app. I was bummed to find this out after seeing the app developers featured on the store front in a photo altered with their filters. I would agree with the person who called this app “misleading“ Can I get a refund or can you make this app do what we all want it to do?

Cool effects but…

The effects in this app can be really cool but the app doesn’t not support photos like advertised . Please add this support because I would like to add some of these effects to my photos .

Haven’t been able to export a single video

Every time I try to save a video it force quits. Major bummer considering I paid for this crap.

False advertisement

I downloaded mainly for the ability to edit photos, when there are is in fact no availability to edit any photos what so ever

Doesn’t support Photo, just Video

It says it supports photo and video but this is just for video...

VR! Also add more effects+more

I know asking for more is heard a-lot. But can you add a feature that we can use VR in the app. Just like the other review, to immerse ourselves in the app. Also, can you add a feature where we can make our own crazy filters and save them. The ability to save the random filters too. Maybe y’all can add more filters in the future! This app is great! Only complaint is I can’t choose photos to edit. Nor will photos save. This app just updated, and you said you fixed it. However it wasn’t fixed for me. I’m on an Ipad air. I’ll check again.

App is crazy good, UI not so good

The effects are crazy cool. The UI is problematic. Visually, the controls look like the Apple Camera app, but the buttons perform different actions, which is confusing if you just pick it up and try to use it. I would just arrange them differently so that it’s visually obvious this is different. Donald Norman calls this consistency. I would have sent this to support, but your web site does not load and there is nothing in the app to contact support

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